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Contract Terms and Agreement

all contracts are on a time and material basis. hourly rate depends on size, scope and details of the project. rate increases by one hundered percent after 1830 hours (timezone of the contractor) as well as on weekends and official holidays. project rates may in special cases be available on long-term contracts, after careful and detailed analysis of the tasks at hand.

For work on existing Open Source Software or work that will be released as F/OSS (CC0, MIT, BSD, LGPL, GPLv2-3 or AGPLv3 licensed) lambda: may reduce fees up to 50%, depending on the project and general reusability by the community.

for inquiries of any kind, please do not hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

Keywords: Large Scale Infrastructure, Low-latency Networking, Front & Backend Development, Embedded Development, Systems Design - Administration - Tuning and Analysis, Electrical Engineering, Scaling Webapplications and Databases, Specification of Operations and Development Strategies - Workflows and Development Cycles, High Performance and High Throughput Computing, Big Data Storage and Analysis, Telecommunications, Security Research - Risk Assessment and Penetration Testing, Source-code Audits, Application testing and benchmarking, Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development and Automated Testing, Configuration Management - Automation and Deployment for Datacenters and Enterprise Infrastructure, Cryptography Consulting (Implementation, Research and Audits), Highly flexible infrastructure, appliance, plattform and environmental Monitoring Solutions, finally we also deliver solid multiplatform managed and automated desktop and mobile solutions with integration in Enterprise or Educational environments,..